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Risk Management

Occupational Health & Safety Risk Management is the foundation of the OHS Management System (OHSMS).  It helps  your organization manage health and safety (or business as a whole), as it assists your organization in understanding what will happen if something goes wrong, and what you should do to prevent it.

There are many benefits to yourorganizationif you implement an effective risk management process.  These may include a reduction of workplace injuries; a reduction in damage to plant and equipment; production efficiencies; plus many others.  An effective OHS risk management process aims to do the following:

  • Reduce the likelihood of an incident occurring;
  • Reduce the consequences of an incident should one occur;
  • Legally protect your organization by helping to demonstrate corporate Due Diligence.

The OHS risk management process will help yourorganization to prioritize its efforts where gaps or improvement opportunities are identified.  It helps yourorganization understand what is critical and what areas need immediate attention based on the level of risk assessed.

The Risk Management Process is conducted as follows:




Risk management needs to be at the core of all business processes and decisions, including those that affect health and safety.

SafetyOne Consulting Services have experience in developing and implementing leading practice risk management strategies.

SafetyOne Consulting Services is also experienced at training all levels of the organization to understand and use basic and advanced risk management techniques.